Very happy, I participated in the Jinan Marathon race


More than 20,000 athletes took part in the Wuhan marathon on Sunday, April 10. The runners ran a total of 42 kilometers to reach the finish line of Happy Valley. The hospital sent more than 20 doctors and nurses to provide medical assistance. One of them is international student MOUNIIR OF HKUST. Mouniir is a Mauritian student who has studied clinical medicine at the Faculty of Medicine and is currently interning at the hospital. He is warm and cheerful, can speak fluent Chinese, like sports, photography and travel. 

In the Jinan Marathon, he provided proper medical help with the hospital's cardiovascular surgeon, Professor Cheng Cai, at booth 10,20 kilometers away. The team left the hospital at 5am and provided medical assistance on the street until the afternoon. According to statistics, the medical team has assisted more than 500 injured athletes from muscle spasms to severe dehydration. Mouniir feels challenged and privileged to be part of the medical team. At the same time, he and the hospital's famous medical staff work together, enriched their knowledge, accumulated rich experience. Last but not least, the Jinan Marathon was a success because it saw the participation of everyone. Whether it's a professional athlete, a young person, an older person, or a lover... all of these activities will make for a perfect day!

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