Many thanks to BOXIN for his excellent service


My name is Lisa. I am a recent graduate of a Canadian University. After Learning Mandarin in high school, I have a certain understanding of Chinese and culture. After graduating from college, I saw this time as an ideal opportunity to learn mandarin rather than as a hobby and future career. Boxin has been extremely helpful in helping me settle in Beijing. Boxin makes it easy for foreign students to apply to Chinese universities online and allows them to check their status. At first, I was skeptical of most organizations that process college applications, and as a non conversational foreigner, I was frustrated when I called the China University of Petroleum directly to clarify my question. Boxin was very helpful to me.

When I arrived, I also arranged to get BOXIN's pick-up service from the airport. Getting into China can be difficult and frustrating, especially if your mandarin is low. When I left the 12 hour flight, I was exhausted and happy to learn that the BOXIN staff I had recruited spoke English and was fluent in Mandarin, so the barriers to communicating with the locals were gone. I found the BOXIN employees to be very friendly, and their help kept my stress levels to a minimum. I haven't started classes yet (I'll be studying mandarin for a semester here) , but I've spent some time exploring the area and settling down. I don't feel much culture shock. Chinese people are easy to get along with. China is definitely a very interesting country and I can't wait to have the right conversation with the locals.

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