I went to BOXIN welcoming dinner for us


I am a new student from Argentina, studying in Shandong First Medical University. I was delighted to attend BOXIN's welcome dinner in August. When we were invited to the BOXIN welcoming dinner on Saturday afternoon, we had no idea how much fun it would be. We thought this would be a formal event, shaking hands with some of the BOXIN's representatives, chatting for a while, eating something and then heading home. To our surprise, before the welcome dinner, we visited the business district and strolled through the traditional alleyways.

Both Émi, and Peter, our hosts for the evening are knowledgeable and patient, and they need time to point out and explain some details of Chinese culture that would otherwise go unnoticed. Whether admiring fine silk garments or gazing at Ginseng roots, which cost more than a car, we undoubtedly learned a lot about Chinese culture that night.

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