My story with BOXIN


My name is Elise. I'm from America. A week ago, I came to Qingdao, China. I would like to briefly introduce my learning experience. Since I used Russian for a long time to learn Chinese by myself, there has not been a good language environment. So I decided to come to China to immerse myself in the language. By chance, I went to BOXIN's website. The first thing that surprised me was that everything was as convenient and easy as we say it is to serve the people. There are only a few steps to applying for a course that interests you. Before that, I browsed many websites to apply to Chinese universities. Compared to other application methods, I am 100% sure that China's college admission system is a service that makes it easy and convenient to apply. Through BOXIN's website, I was able to search for the colleges and courses I wanted and apply directly using the online application system.

Now let's talk about my impression of China. The most surprising thing here is the price. It's not fiction. Everything's really cheap. Not only is it cheap, but it's very cheap. In addition, I am very interested in Chinese food and a lot of vegetables I didn't know before. Usually, everything can be delicious. The People here are hospitable. For example, recently we went to a local bar. We ate there and then walked around the city. Now I feel a little sorry that I'm only here for three months. I don't want to leave. If you have ever been to China, you should be aware of my thoughts right away. In addition, China is now a booming economy, market service agencies and so on. It's an ideal investment. As a result, more and more people are willing to come to China to learn Chinese so that they can study and engage in business activities in the future. Around the world, one in five people use the language every day. As the saying goes: If you can learn Mandarin well, then you won't have any fear of traveling around the world.

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