Im going to the Jinggangshan University to study


I've been accepted to the Jinggangshan University and will start studying in 93 of 2019. My Chinese dream has finally come true!

Now, many of you may be wondering how I managed to get my Accepted as early as possible, because when I first submitted my application, the university office replied that they wouldn't accept it until June 2019. Since I have booked my flight in August, I am concerned that the required documents will not arrive on time to apply for my x visa. To stay out of trouble, I decided to turn in my information through Boxin, China's college application system.

They will process my application, I scan and upload all the documents (no need to mail the original) , they forward to the university I want. Boxin is most pleased that the fee includes six applications, so if one of them doesn't accept me, you have five more chances. Another advantage of applying through BOXIN is that they will send you the acceptance packet for free. The staff is really nice and will keep you up to date with the latest information about your research. On April 7, I received an e mail saying that my information had arrived at their office. It's a great team!

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