My story with the University of Jinan

I really enjoyed my year abroad, studying at University of Jinan. The campus is very active, has some very good facilities, accommodation is also very good. 

The relationship between the professor and the students is very good. All the Chinese teachers are very good and friendly. The People here are great. I have made a lot of Chinese friends here. They are so friendly, helpful, friendly and open. I thank them very much and think I would be lost without them! Although I had known them for a short time, they treated me as a friend for life and made me feel at home. It's special. You won't find it anywhere. The international friends I have here are very good. When we share our cultures, languages, experiences and friendships, it's a great gathering and meeting people from all over the world. We feel constrained by the common goal of conducting information and communication research. 

I'll miss a lot when I'm gone, but I'll always remember and cherish the time I spent in University of Jinan. 

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