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          2021 Spring Weifang Medical University Admission Information for International Students 

  1. Major: clinical medicine, school system for 6 years (including one-year clinical internship).

  2. Enrollment : 80-120 students.

  3. Curriculum: Chinese Culture Education, Natural Science, Biomedicine, Behavioral Science, Humanities and Social Science and Medical Ethics, Preventive Medicine, Clinical Medicine, Clinical Skills Training, Career Planning Guidance, Physician Examinations Guidance, etc.

  4. Application Requirements

    1) Age: 18-28, good physical and mental health, non-Chinese citizens holding a valid foreign passport, senior high school graduates or above, abide by the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China, have a certain economic basis.

    2)Academic Performance: In accordance with Weifang Medical University Enrollment and Admission Procedures for International Students, the university will choose the most outstanding students based on senior high school grades and admission examination results. Applicants with a basic knowledge of Chinese are preferred.

  5. Application Time November 1, 2020 to February 28, 2021. If the university has already enrolled enough students before the deadline of admission, the admission work will be finished earlier.

  6. Application Procedures

    1)Online registration. Applicants log in the application system to fill in the relevant contents and upload the required documents.

    2)Enrollment information review. The university will do the initial review and give feedback within 7 working days after the applicants submit all the required documents successfully. Those who pass the initial review will receive the message of “pass initial review” and the electronic Acceptance Notice.

    3)Remote video interview. applicants who have already passed the initial review, should attend the remote video interview. The eligible will get the electronic acceptance notice within 5 days.

    4)Paying the deposit. Within 7 days after receiving the electronic Acceptance Notice, admitted students shall pay 6,000RMB to Weifang Medical University as an “admission deposit” and upload the scanned copy of the deposit remittance to the system. If the admitted applicant comes to the university for registration, the “admission deposit” already paid will be transferred to a part of his/her tuition fee, and the applicant should pay the rest of tuition fee. If the admitted applicant fails to register on time, the “admission deposit” will not be refunded.

    5)Sending admission notice and other materials. After receiving the admission deposit, the university will send an "Admission Notice" and "Visa Application Form for Study in China" (JW202 form). The admitted applicant should go to the embassy or consulates of the People's Republic of China for the X1 Visa to study in China, along with the Admission Notice and the JW202 form. The admission time is by March 15, 2021. The specific date is based on the "Admission Notice". Admitted students must go to school for registration before the specified date in the notice. For those who have not registered in time, the opportunities of entrance will be canceled.

    6)Enrollment. The admitted applicants will bring the “Admission Notice”, “Foreign Physical Examination Form”, JW202 Form, and the highest academic certificate, transcripts, non-criminal record certificate etc., to the university for registration on the specified time. Before registration, the admitted students should take the admission entrance examination including written examinations and interviews held by the university, which mainly tests students' basic knowledge and language skills. Those who pass the examination can get registered.

  7. Materials Required for Application (A4 size, jpg format, each attachment is less than 0.5MB)

    1)Weifang Medical University Admission Application Form for International Students (only completed in the "system");

    2)Copies of "Vaccination Certificate" and "Foreigner Physical Examination Form" (the original copies will be kept by themselves for school checking). Applicants should strictly do physical check-up according to the items required in the “Foreigner Physical Examination Form”. It will be invalid if there are some required physical examination items that haven’t been done, no examinee’s photo, no connective seal on the photo, no signature and seal of physician and hospital. As the result of the examination is valid for 6 months, the applicants should arrange their physical examination time properly.

    3)Notarized high school education certificates. (certificates in other languages other than Chinese or English must be accompanied by notarized translation versions in Chinese or English. New graduates must submit a pre-graduation certificate);

    4 ) Study transcripts. Transcripts for all courses in senior high school (except for Chinese and English transcripts, the transcripts in other languages must be accompanied by notarized translation versions in Chinese or English);

    5)Personal statement. Applicants must submit their own self-introduction, learning experience and study purpose in Chinese or English. (Not less than 800 words);

    6)No criminal record certificate;

    7)English or Chinese proficiency certificate. (e.g. HSK-4 or above, TOEFL 80 points or above, IELTS 5.5 or above, GRE achievement certificate);

    8)Applicants who have got achievements of the high school graduation examination or the university entrance examination held by their country or region, please fill in the relative contents and upload the scanned original copies in the system. If no such achievements during the application period, the applicant should submit the high school transcripts in the system.

    9)A copy of a valid ordinary passport. (Note: the above materials will not be returned whether the applicants are admitted or not; if the materials are incomplete, they will not be accepted; applicants who submit fake materials will be canceled their enrollment qualifications.)

  8. Fees (RMB)

    1)Tuition: 24,000 RMB/ academic year

    2)Accommodation: twin room, 5000 RMB / academic year / person; The room is equipped with separate toilet, air conditioning, electric water heater, beds, wardrobes, tables and chairs, etc. There are vegetarian/non- vegetarian communal kitchens, refrigerators, and washing machines on each floor.

    3)Others: physical examination fee, residence permit fee, teaching material fee, insurance fee, etc. are paid according to the actual situation in registration; bedding is purchased voluntarily.

  9. Scholarships Award Rate > 20% (Unit: RMB/person)

    Full Scholarship for Overseas Students of Shandong Government(30000RMB/person-time)

    Shandong Provincial Government Scholarship for Excellent Overseas Students(5000RMB/person-time)

    Presidential Scholarship of Weifang Medical College(8000RMB/person-time)

    Top ten international student scholarship of weifang medical college(3000RMB/person-time)

    Outstanding international student scholarship of weifang medical college(1000-2000RMB/person-time)

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